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Submitting Study Abroad Programs & Schools

Welcome!  If your school or organization is active in providing high quality study abroad programs, or if you would like to list a language school, we invite you to submit information for listings and links to your website on the Study Abroad Links directory.  Please note that while we accept many submissions, we do reserve the right to decline the inclusion of any listing for any reason.

If you have any questions, or if you run into any problems, please click here to contact us. In your email, please be sure to describe any problems you are experiencing, and  let us know your school/organization name.

Set Up User Name and Password

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The first step is to set up your Username and Password.  These are not published on the guide, and will be for your own use to login and make any updates or changes to your information on the Study Abroad Links Directory.   You can use whatever you would like for a user name or password, however, please use no more than 25 characters for either of them.

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>> Submit Information

Press the button below only once to submit your information.   Please be patient, it may take several seconds to process the form and go to the next page.  Pressing the button more than once can cause multiple submission problems. 

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