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STEPS - Cross Cultural Understanding
STEPS - Cross Cultural Understanding
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Program Participants
Undergraduate (College)
Graduate (College)
High School
Parent and Child


Quick Look
Location: Bariloche - Argentina
Language Taught: Spanish
Program Size: 10-40
Average Class Size: 1-8

STEPS, which was originally conceived as an English Institute, quickly built up a reputation for effective teaching through the use of games and subsequently incorporated the Spanish Department.

Due to the success of STEPS methodology and the need to provide foreigners with a professional language training, we are offering today courses for foreigners.

Sharing the premises with the English and Portuguese Department constitutes and extra advantage for the foreign students, who are able to interact with native speakers over a cup of coffee at our coffee bar.

We take pride on our aim: our students learn and have fun at the same time in a friendly atmosphere.

Our aims:

• Promote cross-cultural understanding
• Encourage students to discover their own learning style.
• Create a participative and cooperative environment, which help people work on their self-esteem.
• Foster creativity through communication
• Give the students the tools to master the four language skills (reading, writing, speaking and listening)
• Respect students' rhythms.
• Encourage students to have a positive attitude towards the language combining appealing classes with participatory and funny activities and interesting material.

Steps has its own methodology based on the use of games to teach languages.

Why games? Because games…

…are a unique tool to motivate students,
…are fun,
…create a relaxed atmosphere,
…help practise the four language skills,
…invite cooperation among students and teachers,
…cater for the three learning styles (visual-auditory and kinesthetic),
…promote friendly competition,
…help use the language with a different purpose than just practise, …promote cross cultural understanding,
… support the development of positive self-esteem,
… support communicate learning: the language is studied not only grammatically but also functionally.
At STEPS we believe that students can learn a language and enjoy the process.

Special Courses or Features
Spanish Immersion Program (40+ hrs/wk)
Spanish Teacher Training
Parent and Child Program
Programs for Children (12 years old or younger)
Programs for Teenagers
Programs for Seniors (50+ years old)
Small Classes (5 or less per class)
One-to-One / Private Lessons
Programs for High School Students
Short Programs (1 Week or Less)
Volunteer Program Opportunities

Activities Available
Water Sports
Horse Riding

We are open to student´s needs

Homestay / Host Family
Apartment / Flat

The cost of the accomodation is not included in the above fee

Program Costs
A group course of 20 hours a week has a cost of USS 200

Costs Include:  It includes the registration fee, the material, the 20 hours of lessons, the cerficate and the access to our library

We provide tailor made courses, so they can start at any time, on demand

Steps- Cross Cultural Understanding
764 Morales St
BAriloche 8400

Tel: 054 2944 422340

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